"A number of boys of industrious habits , ages 10 through 15, are wanted as apprentices to learn the art and science of glass blowing...",  this is the opening line for one of the rarest glass house broadsides ever found. This amazing broadside is for the Kensington Glass Factory in Philadelphia along the banks of the Delaware river which was run by both Thomas Dyott and brother Micheal  in the 1820's. The discovery of  this wonderful artifact has unwitingly paralled a   great archeological event in Philadelphia: the unearthing of the Dyottville Glass Works  and the location of the Kensington Factory, along with thousands of artifacts! The  broadside is stark white in color with bold black ink  which is typical on most early period examples made prior to the 1830's .



Made for the Kensington Glass Factory during the 1820's.

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The overall conditon is very good, with lightly frayed edges, some stain around the edges, and what appears to be some writting on the reverse that has bled through.



Bob Saxe collection.

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The information written on the broadside tells the story of Thomas W Dyott's plan for working utopian society . This broadside tells the story of a young mans entry into the world of glass blowing, complete with spiritual guidance, a good education, the most beautiful park in Philadelphia, and no spirits on the glasshouse floor . The neighborhood nick- named "Fish Town", back then and today, was and is today, known for its mean streets. In contrast with the moral compass of Dyott, this good man had to be one determined character who set out to change the lives of working people for the better, and he did. No work in the factory on Sunday seems to be one of the many rabbits he pulled out of his hat! The names of both Thomas Dyott and Michael Dyott appear down at the bottom of the broadside. As for all inquiries, it is interesting to note that Michael could be reached on the factory floor at the Kensington Factory, while Thomas could be visited at the store at 2cond and race street. After much research and our consulting with experts in the field, we are confident as to the opinion of those experts dealing with all manors of Ephemera, that this broadside is now the first example of its kind to come to light: considered important and possibly unique!. POR